The dynamic of being human serves as Vania Stefou’s primary inspiration, especially the physical complexity of the human body and its systems. The way we are wired internally, and what that wiring yields in our world - this is all part
of the artistic landscape Vania explores in her art. Her work process involves her exploration of the vivid interactions between varying types of paint colors and textures, as well as using different types of paint, including acrylic and metallic. At times the composition of her paintings is deliberately symmetrical, employing the repetition of forms across her canvas as a means of highlighting variations in tone and shading. She employs a mix of abstract expressionism and real-life elements inspired by ocean life, earth-bound life and outer space to embrace a holistic view of the universe we live in and its infinite possibilities.

Vania Stefou makes the complicated infrastructure of the mind instantly tangible. Through painting, she translates the ineffable language of thoughts into pulsating visual rhythms. She marries organic, aquatic, and aeronautic imagery with Abstract Expressionism, letting colors move in and out of each other, and allowing acrylic and metallic paints to collide and mingle. Stefou’s layered tapestries of emotion are at once psychologically compelling and soothing.